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Ridiculously short thoughts of a Malaysian
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21st-Feb-2020 09:36 pm - V.C Andrews Book Challenge
ATTENTION: For those who don't know, my latest post is below this post because I've kept this as my top entry =/


I am soooo exited to try out this challenge as a testomony to how much V.C Andrew's books means to me!
You should totally try this out too

Steph's post

Taren's blog

Thanks to Steph and Taren for the exiting proposal and melissawalker from youtube for if without, I would have never known anything about it.
( ^^)/

OK, listing down, so far I have only read the first 4 books of the Dollanganger series. I haven't read Garden of Shadows yet (though its been with me for quite a while. Kinda stupid no?). I don't know if I can muster up the courage to read the FITA prequel, let alone the other works done by V.C Andrews. Well my Aunt already owns 'Heaven' and some other books (the names I can't recall now), I might as well sink myself into the core trashy-ness of the other series while I can still afford the time now.

Dollanganger series
Flowers in the Attic
Petals on the Wind
If There Be Thorns
Seeds of Yesterday

Garden of Shadows

Casteel series
Dark Angel
Fallen Hearts
Gates of Paradise
Web of Dreams

Cutler series
Secrets of the Morning
Twilight’s Child
Midnight Whispers
Darkest Hour

Landry series
Pearl in the Mist
All That Glitters
Hidden Jewel
Tarnished Gold

Logan series
Heart Song
Unfinished Symphony
Music in the Night

Damn....A long way to go.... o_o

There's already a review I've made about the Dollanganger Series earlier this year. Just click over at the tags that mentions dollanganger, or v.c andrews for when I have manage to complete any other series. Wish me luck! =P
22nd-Aug-2009 08:02 pm - Writer's Block: Going Without
Have you ever fasted or done a cleanse?
I've been fasting for every Ramadhan month since I was 11, and I'm even fasting today! One more month to go! :)
Ah, its been a while since I've updated. None of the days leading up to today seemed relevant or even exiting enough for me to post in =/

However! Something important did happened to me last week.

The US application seminar! =D

It was a gruelling 10 hour a day workshop on all the stuff that we're suppose to prepare for the US college preparation, the seminar spanned for 3 days for the past few weeks and every ticking hour for me has its 'oh yeah' and 'hellz no' moments.

Hearing the talk made me exited and somewhat scared at the same time. I mean, there's a lot of stuff that I'll have to be doing by myself! I have already submitted for SAT 1 this 27th November and SAT 2 this 5th December.I seriously can't believe it myself, it's like just a year ago I was planning the same thing on my 'dreams' to enter the universities in Japan (and look what happened to me now. hahahaha =/). For SAT 2 I'll be taking 3 subjects, (originally I wanted to take Japanese since I took 4 months of it's intensive course, and it did looked alright when I took a few questions from collegeboard.com. But after scanning through the test sheets from some SAT reference book...its like, "No Way!~" *falls into abys* =.=" yeah so I changed my mind). So for the SAT Subs I'll be trying out Chemistry, Math 1 and Literature. We were advised not to take US history since not all of the questions are in the reference book, and it'll take us AT LEAST 6 months of early preparation (yeouch).

Regarding the resume, OMG, there was this one resume that they(the facilitators of the seminar) showed us as an example; 


This resume belonged to Andrew Loh and HOLLY CRAP!! They weren't kidding when they said that he was really 'kiasu'(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiasu). Seriously, my eyes burned from the brightness of his resume!! He really ain't human. I admit, I feel intimidated when I saw him in person during the seminar (well, he was one of the facilitators). But, he turned out to be so different then what I'd expected.
I've met and talked to Andrew when we were in groups and he was...actually quite normal Oo I was surprised that he was the same person as what was written on this AMAZING resume. But I, and I'm pretty sure everyone in the room can tell though that even if we didn't recognize him by his resume, he was different than everybody else,he has this aura that just sends out 'he's special' signals :)

Still, I feel so pumped and looking forward for the challenges ahead! =D There are 10 colleges I've decide to apply after I graduate from A Levels in Dec 2010, aiming mostly for those in New York, Virginia and Tennessee. Why? Dunno, I just think that east looks better *hahah*.

So, its off to studying and doing the LOADS of paperwork I have fill in *sigh*.
I have a few hours left to eat 'till my official start to fast this year! I wonder how I'm going to ask my Ballet instructor to make my class just around 30 minutes later. I could dance while I'm fasting....sounds almost impossible but I'll give it a shot T T

I noticed that my english has somehow became less flowy O.o Have to start posting more...

30th-Jul-2009 08:23 pm - Malaysia's First Dance Magazine! =D
Ignore the photobucket pop outs. I can't edit those, and as annoying as it is, I hope you guys'll bear with it =.=

As I was getting my usual morning egg sandwich and coffee in my college's cafeteria ( I don't have breakfast at home =P), I saw this on the counter;

And, as far as I know, Malaysia has no official dance magazine that I've ever heard of...'till now! =D

Tomorrow is the day when our June intake will get a chance to submit and join the various clubs that're in Taylors. I'm planning on joining Taylor's Dance Club, Health Club and probably the PreMed society. They also have an Anime Club there that looks reeeeeeeally tempting for an otaku like me (ex otaku....I don't think I deserve that title anymore though =.=").

Stole this picture from our Chem practical. Look at all the pretty colours we made~ Ask me again how its done and I'll tell you just 40% from it ( ")


Ok, I swear, tonight will be the night when I'll study and actually get what I'm reading o.O My method of study last time during SPM was to wear a head band with the Japanese kanji "Harakiri" (suicide) and using the "Study or Die tactics" I adopted from Ranma 1/2. I'd studied from 7pm to 1am and wake up at 4am the next morning for Biology revision =.= ah yes~ I was in a different world those days~
19th-Jul-2009 05:26 pm - New stuff
Its been 2 weeks since I've made any attempt of a decent post. It is then did I realize that what I'm doing is exactly the same thing as what I've done during my SPM examination year! Tomorrow (Monday), marks the 4th week of my stay in College. Whoa, its almost been a month! Time flies by so quickly O_o


New phone, new car, new glasses, new attitude?Collapse )

College rant spilled with mixed feelings =/Collapse )

There was this one day when I stayed over at a friends apartment and found out the next morning that there was a weird yellow thing beside my tire.</span>

Apart from everyone else, I thought this was a funny experience =)

Well, as far as driving goes, I'm getting the hang of it. Even though I've managed to hit a few stuff and almost rammed my car into an oncoming truck, I'm sure everyone has experienced it on their first try too! (If you didn't, don't tell me =_=)

Sometimes, I wonder why some teens gets too enthusiastic about the notion of driving =I
'Cause the way I see it, I'm driving to College using the KL highway everyday which scares the hell out of me all the time, especially when it rains and I can't see a darn thing!
6th-Jul-2009 11:23 pm - 話題の提供: Firsts
What was the subject title of your first-ever LJ entry?
"(S.M.S) Save My Soul"

Posted during the start of Form 4 2 years ago when I went to science stream :) My first post was a rant XD

29th-Jun-2009 08:51 pm - First day of College!
Well, to sum up today I'd have to do 2 seperate posts since what happened in the morning was far different then what happened during ballet practice this evening =_= But thats just a waste of space so I'll compact it into two cuts in this post.

A picture of some preparations from the night before.Honestly, I didn't get much sleep since I was concerned, nervous, exited and all those whirl wind of emotions that always comes together the day before anything major happens ;


College was better then what I expected (for the first day anyways) Collapse )

I took this picture from my handphone, after the day was done and I waited for my mum to pick me up;


We're going to have our Biology,Physics,Chemistry and Math classes tomorrow *whooboy* but I guess the lecturers (its so odd not to call them teachers anymore!) will be discussing about our books and other stuff thats a bit off topic (I'm keeping my fingers cross!)

Gawd, Ballet was harsh!!Collapse )

Wow, somehow these 2 things that happened today were very contrastic, and by the end of the day, isn't it the last thing that counts? =/
Well, I know I can't beat myself up everytime something like this happens. I'll just have to brush off the dust and keep on dancing!

*sigh* don'tcha just love what Monday brings forth? =_= One thing I'm looking forward tomorrow, is too meet and know as many people as I can (kinda defeats the purpose of going to college XD). I just really need to communicate. Taylors has a dance and yoga club that I'm very eager to join =) I'll need to know if I have to take on any extra curricular activities to meet up to the State's university requirements.
26th-Jun-2009 09:19 pm - Writer's Block: RIP Michael Jackson
In honor of the King of Pop: What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?
Earth Song. When I was a kid, I remembered him singing about the forest being cut down,and the chorus remained with me even when I didn't heard it again for the next 10 years later (and I've heard Earth Song just once). Though I didn't grow up listening to him, he always has a spot in my heart, and I'm certain with the younger generations. We're going to miss you MJ =(
23rd-Jun-2009 08:58 pm - My book affair ~
Due to my recent book cravings, I thought it be best if I let the pics explain on my behalf.

These are the books that I'm expected to finish before College starts. Seeing this lot, I don't even think I would be able to finish this by the end of the year! Especially, when I'd be busy with my A-Levels next Monday; =(


I am currently reading "The Thorn Birds". It was one of my mum's childhood fiction reads, and she could remember the story very well (much to my amazement). She also picked out "Gone With The Wind", since its well known for being the mother of all classic romance novels. Middlesex was my idea, my mum finished reading it so I'm just waiting for my turn;


The third book from the bottom is damaged (my fault). I accidently placed the book in which I thought was an empty plate and found out the next morning that it was soaked with water. I manage to get it dry, only half of the book was effected, but its still readable; 


Then, there's this pile. Almost half of the books I bought over from a small store that sell old books, so I got them for half the price. I'm waiting for "Dawn" and "My Sweet Audrina" to get this pile going;


These are the books that I have read for the past 6 months. It's not much, since I've got almost the entire day to read;


And thats pretty much it. Hopefully I can look back to this post and think about some of the things I've done during those long 6 months of freedom :) 

22nd-Jun-2009 01:28 pm - A Great and Terrible Beauty BR

The only optimistic thing about it, would be for me to finish with this quickly so that I can move on to other projects.
When I bought this book I was attracted to the idea that this elegent gothic style teen fic would be like the next Twilight hit. Right from the start I knew there was something different about this book, but...

I feel...ripped off =_=Collapse )

Overall, it was not even a so and so book. It was plain. There were some good parts, but none of which have imprinted much on me =/ I won't recommand reading this book unless you're willing to put up with some fake people, or reading through the next 2 books from this series. And I won't be buying any more from the series anytime soon.
This was seriously a bad excuse for a fantasy novel, I'm just saying.
20th-Jun-2009 12:02 pm - My Sister's Keeper BR


This book was recommended by a lot of people, so I got curious and bought it from MPH 2 weeks ago.
Jodi Picoult's "My Sister's Keeper", has been made into a movie thats coming up by the end of June. The book took me a week to finish since I kept stalling =/
NOTE: I usually keep my rants under cut

No spoilers. Safe to open =)Collapse )

Well, the book was worth it. In a sense that it deals with todays hot issues and topics about genetic modification and children's rights. The story was beautifully written, with metaphors and objects that people relate life to. Reading the book makes me feel somehow surreal and calm =)

I like running my fingers through the cover's spine XD And as weird as it sounds, I often press my cheek against the cover. It's just so smooth! And, the spine doesn't leave noticeable marks like most books.So its like you can read it again and again and it'll never look like its worn out.
The picture on the cover was pretty too! =D Whoever made the book's cover has done good justice.
*feels smooth cover surface* ooh~ so smooth...

18th-Jun-2009 12:02 am - Writer's Block: Conversion Rate
Have you ever considered converting to another religion?
Nope. I am happy and gratefull for who and what I am =) Proud to be Muslim!

12th-Jun-2009 06:35 pm - DVD workout

I've just noticed that it took me half a day to post 2 book reviews here ( I woke up at around 1.30pm) so instead of doing some ballet exercise , I was on the couch clicking away =_=

           So! This post will be about my tiring day yesterday ,and those hard to do stretches. Tonight, I'm going to continue onwards with 'Finis Jhung's Begginer's Barre exercises.

My room is messy XP yet I refuse to clean up, even if its for your expence, sorry to say.

            I had to move 2 of my dining room's chair into my bedroom to be replaced as a barre since I've tried to use just one chair and it wasen't long enough. I'm already happy that my floor was perfect ,and my full length mirror was already on the wall, space was my only issue. Oh yeah, that is not my tv. Who owns one just for themselves?? I borrowed the family's unused telly just for the purpose of using the DVD player (I can't use my laptop. There are some lagging problems).

           Initially I had the tv on the opposite side since the desk was originally there. But going through I think 40 minutes into the workout, I noticed one HUGE mistake. I was concentrating my head on the tv which was then on my side, so I've already ruined my posture. I had to move the whole desk beside my mirror so it faces my front. My desk is currently blocking my closet, so I have to push the whole thing away if I want to get my stuff out.

             I find Finis Jhung's Ballet workout to be both relaxing to the mind but hellish to the body (as it should). There are 17 ballet routines on the CD. Its sooo good to unwind and enjoy the routines, I don't feel like I'm missing out on much when I'm not having Ballet class =) I bought the DVD in Kinokuniya for quite a price (half my allowence). I was torned, to buy or not, will this really help me? But in the end I did bought it. And it was worth it, as I found out =)

            Theres a lot of stuff I got out from this. Around 15 minutes through the workout, my legs feel like giving out =_= I have trouble doing the isometric grand plie and all the battement tendu. Sometimes I wonder how working the inner thigh muscles feels like, and if I'm doing it correctly. Finis's advice was always helpfull. I was exhausted, and thats just the 9th exercise from the routine! I have yet to try the others o_O

             From all the routines I realised an epic problem. My turnout!! God, I know my turnout is not that good but I didn't reallize that it was preeety bad! In ballet class I force my feet to go 180 degrees, I didn't know that was the wrong way to measure your turnout. Throughout the routines I struggle to maintain that hip rotation, and my knees were flamming O_o

             I love the way he teaches =) It's very informative,and he pauses to tell you the reason behind every placement. So, I'm not going to waste any more of my time here. It's off to the barre (or in this case chair) for me.

Oh! I found out this amazing song from t.a.t.u called Fly On The Wall. I thought that they must've ripped off Miley's version of FOTW, but it was soo far different. Loved the tech beats, I dance to its tune XD

12th-Jun-2009 05:15 pm - Does My Head Look Big In This?

I just have to read this book. I've been pretty curious to see whats inside, since I've seen it quite a number of times on teen shelves.
I've read about the first few pages of the book in MPH and THAT is when I knew I had to read this.
Its a very interesting eye opener type of book. Funny, humorous and full of giggles :D

This book deals with what being a teenage muslim is like in Australia. Amal (16) has just decided to wear a hijab (scarf / tudung ) full time. So basically its like the ups and downs of a teenager, its just that in the world today, especially after what happened during 9/11, muslims are finding it harder to fit back into society.

Reading her story, I can't help but recall the first time I wore a hijab, and thats during primary school. Then, I wore it everyday during secondary school, and I was never forced to wear it. It was simply my desicion, and it did make me feel more empowered in a sense =)

Amal also reminds me of the few people I know in life XD *coff coff* Filzah *coff*, Daisy, don't tell her!

But the difference and hardships between being a muslim in a non-muslim country is another story.
Wearing a hijab surrounding by others who don't, you tend to stand out more o_O
The book was written as 1st person, and the way she wrote it was funny, direct, and like any teen books simply an amazing sense of teen humour.

Assalamualaikum ^^)/Collapse )

Well I can't blame other people's perception about radical Muslims, but understand, that what bad nonsence people heard about Islam from them is a load of crap!
Just because a person goes and blows himself along with innocent people in the name of god does not mean that its any teaching of Islam! Thats not Jihad! What they're doing is trying to justify their acts by soiling our good name. Ughh, people like them makes me so angry! They're either practically dire or mentally unstabble.

Anyways, so for those Malaysians, DO pick up this book if you're having trouble to register in the American terms.Even if you're not a Muslim, just read out of the heck of it since its meant for everyone. You won't get any culture shock.

Finally, a story about being a normal muslim teenager!
Something to relate to =)

Today is also Anne Frank's birthday anniversary. She would've been 80 if she had lived today.
I've read her diary about her family and their struggles during the Holocaust. Its very sad to know that there are still hate crimes around the world, especially after the shooting incident in the Washington Holocaust memorial recently =(
12th-Jun-2009 03:02 pm - Dark Angel (Casteel)

The 2nd book from the Casteel Series. It went on, rather slow, just like the first book Heaven.
It took me 5 days to finish this (a lot longer then usual) since theres practically not much going on and I got bored of waiting so I put the book down and finished reading " Does My Head Look Big In This" instead.

Hmmm.... Oh gosh I dread of making this book review. Especially when I finished this a coulple of days back.

Awww, it couldn't have been darker then Heaven?Collapse )

This would be V.C Andrew's last original works =( Ah, I'm already missing her written words.

I'm aiming to find 'My Sweet Audrina' which is V.C Andrew's stand alone book.
Ok, I didn't sleep last night. I practically slaved myself over a sketch that I promised to a friend of mine (bad idea =_="). Doing the coloring over paint.net, as I now realize, need patience and time.Mine didn't turn out as good as my first coloring of FITA, so I'll probably re-do it again tonight.

I was worried about staying up, since I was going to watch the 'Hannah Montana Movie' with my dad later at noon. No way I'm going to embarrass myself by snoring in the theater *pfft*.

My thoughts on the HM movie...Collapse )

My rate on the movie : 5/5 XD
But thats just me, cuz it totally fits everything I want in a movie.
I didn't want the movie to end! But it left me feeling high and happy, something which I havent felt in a long time for a movie.

And hey, I'm 18, still I don't care of what other people think about old teens watching kiddy-childish disney movies. If the idea of a fun movie means lots of swearing, over the top violence and explicit sex scenes, then being an adult sucks.

This movie was also a great father-daughter bonding type of experience :) I finally realize what me and my dad have in common, we both love country music!

I ubberly loved it!

I'm definately going to buy the 'Hannah Montana Movie' soundtrack!

OMG, I am soooooooooooooooooooo over the moon!!! XD;;;

I love country music!!
1st-Jun-2009 08:20 pm - Nothing much.
My dad's doing fine =) He's been bed bound since last Monday, but he's able to walk around the house now, and just this morning we went out for breakfast at Chili's.

No Ballet tonight =I
Last week our Ballet instructor had a migraine so she was replaced by another woman (which happened to be one of my Ballet friend's friend). It was all SO FAST. She was fun to joke around with, she wasn't very serious but the class was quite stress relieving :D

Nothing of interest to update this week. Just thought that I might post something.

I've discovered this traggic news a few days ago.


We have lost a good student =(
23rd-May-2009 08:36 pm - Dad got himself admitted
It happened after we(my mum, bro and I) finished watching 'Monsters vs Aliens' in the 1 Utama cinema. As we headed back home, my mum got a phone call about our dad. He just came back from his Penang trip and said he was taken to Damansara hospital for this big swell that appeared on his right leg. He was talking to mum on the phone, and at one point mentioned 'operation'. I felt my stomach drop when I heard it. We immedietly changed our course and headed straight to the hospital.

Its all under cutCollapse )

20th-May-2009 09:14 pm - New Mirror...New College!

Yay, I got a full length mirror from Ikea! Thanks to mum who helped me put it on my bedroom wall.
The plus side of having it at this length, especially for Ballet is to check for correct body alignment. I'm very self conscious about my back and I have quite a posture problem =/

College Crisis CoveredCollapse )
11th-May-2009 10:00 pm - I can drive...legally!
Hellz yeah I passed my freaking driving's test! XD

It started with a drive to the institution where they held the driving's exam. I was taken by my instructor with 3 other people (apparently all of them my age) at around 8am.
Seriously, knowing I'll go there, I'd assumed it'll be done by 4pm.
There were a lot of people who came for the test, roughly 100+.
So, I was standing there among the crowd when suddenly, out of the blue my name was called out. I was very much confused. Then, the officer lead me towards the office. I can't forget the look of that bald dude sitting in his leather arm wrested chair,the most oddest smile lit up his expression when I came in.
I thought there was something wrong with my papers or something. He told me that I'd be doing the outside exam first before going inside. Ok...that means that something is definately wrong with my papers o_0 Everyone else have theirs inside first. I panicked, but my driving's instructor told me that it was the fastest way to finish the exam, so I did it anyways, not like I have any choice in the matter.
I SUCKED on the road. I hestitated, and braked a lot  too. I felt really lucky to have a kind person to evaluated me. He gave me advices on what to do and how to do it. He saw my terrified face( gawd I'm an open book) and told me to calm down,even to the degree of cranking up the radio to a serene 60's song which did made me feel a lot better. After the ordeal, I knew he'd failed me cause I screwed up in a lot of parts.
He hands me a papper and written over it was 'Passed' 0_o
I immidietly went over to take the inside exam and AGAIN my name was singled out and I get to do the 'hill', 'parking' and '3 point turn' while everyone waited for their chance in groups (realizing this, it did made me feel quite guilty). Going up the hill (which was no problem to me during practices), I over passed the white box by a few inches.
"Oh s*** "
I went out of the car to get my papers and the guy was like, "Carefull on your clutch controll" and laughed. =_="
Whoa, as if that day couldn't get any weirder, one of the institution guy came over to me and whispered "Go to boxes 3 and 4 for your parking test. Remember, 3 and 4". Actually, we could go to whichever box that had an opening. But the way he said it makes me think that theres something there that'll get me to pass.
I did the parking and 3 point turn without problems. Went back to the examinor who granted me a pass.
Suddenly out of nowhere another guy came running up to me and gave me a water bottle, I didn't even asked for one.
This was freaky cause it only happened to me.
For some reason I really linked everything that happened to me this morning as my dad's doing...somehow...

Well, whatever. I passed ^_^ *feels very gratefull*.
All I need now is a car.

Ballet today was fun. My class has progressed to level 3 in just 1 month. Today, we learned battement tendu croise devant,developpe, retire, and some other stuff that I can't remember in french terms =_=" 
I know it'll probably take me around 3 more years or so, but I'll be waiting for the day I'd go on pointe XD;; hopefully soon!
Itsuko will be going for the "Les Ballet Grandiva" this saturday. Ohh, I so wanna join her!
Why does the venue have to be so far away from PJ? Ipoh??
I'll call the office tomorrow and see if they still have tickets left for Saturday's performance.
I pray it's not sold out!!
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